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About Us

ContractPal's mission is to rapidly develop cloud-based applications that improve client productivity through secure, ESIGN compliant and paperless automation. Our flexible solutions are quickly developed, easily maintained, and affordable.

ContractPal's founders took the first step towards fulfilling this mission by becoming heavily involved in lobbying for the electronic signature laws established in the United States. The federal law that gave birth and validity to electronic contracts was passed on June 30, 2000. Shortly thereafter, the first ever electronic contracts were completed on the Internet, including:
  • The first Online Automobile Financing and Purchase on October 1, 2000
  • The first Online Mortgage Transaction on October 2, 2000
As a second step in fulfilling our mission, we formed NxLight and began providing electronic contracting consulting services and technology to a number of small and large companies. While doing so, we learned several important things:
  • Electronic signature projects involved a lot of people
  • Electronic signature projects required a long time to implement.
  • Electronic signature projects were expensive.
  • Only large companies with deep pockets implement online contracting solutions.
  • Only the highest volume form contracts were moved online, while smaller projects were ignored.
Applying this new perspective we concluded that we needed to do something revolutionary to create the tools necessary to fulfill our mission. Starting in 2005 we spent two years curtailing our consulting services and focused exclusively on how to overcome the hurdles our customers face. Applying these focuses, we completed our third step in fulfilling our mission, developing the first ever electronic contracting platform. In 2007 we launched our new platform called ContractPal. As part of this launch, we officially changed the name of our company from NxLight to ContractPal, Inc.

Utilizing our new agile ContractPal platform, we are now able to deliver electronic contracting services to our customers at a fraction of the cost.