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White Papers

ContractPal's industry experts have published a series of white papers addressing and discussing electronic signatures, paperless business, and ESIGN law, as well as other related topics.

ContractPal Provides PaaS with a Twist

We provide the best of IaaS, SaaS and PaaS into a single delivery solution called Cloud Piston Managed Services. Cloud Piston is a PaaS solution that can be deployed either in the public cloud or behind your firewall. Feature functionality enhancements occur frequently. ContractPal can manage the Cloud Piston deployment or work with your own IT staff.
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Stop the Paper Chase with Electronic Contract Solutions

With the onslaught of litigations, government regulations, and competitive forces, how a company chooses to close their contracts can mean the difference between whether or not the contract is legal and binding. In order to guarantee that the contract execution solution you choose meets today’s tough demands, it’s necessary to consider the features and benefits that each solution offers.
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Understanding the Legal Issues Surrounding Online Contract Compliance

Current case law has set strong precedents for the validity of online contracts as long as organizations follow specific guidelines when implementing online management solutions. With these procedures in place, legal teams have precedence regarding enforceability, opening the door to a decrease in sales cycle length and an increase in revenue.
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ContractPal's Easy Integration into your Current Company Infrastructure

The adaptation of online contract execution systems as the market standard is not going to happen if the needs of businesses and their customers are not accounted for. Solutions must be easy to use for the employees who send documents as well as the clients who sign them.
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PCI Compliance

ContractPal provides a platform and tools to build applications that can be PCI compliant. Card member data, especially credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes are never stored electronically on the ContractPal platform. Doing so violates the PCI DSS standard.
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Understanding "the cloud"

Cloud computing is a very broad term and can refer to anything that is affiliated with moving diverse services over the world wide web. Typically theses services are divided into three categories; SAAS (software as a service), IAAS (infrastructure as a service), and PAAS (platform as a service).
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Signature Authentication (paper vs electronic)

To correctly understand the risks inherent in proving user identity in an electronic contracting system, it's important to compare the factors designed to prove identity in the electronic world and with those of their paperbased counterparts.
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Sign and close contracts without the hassle of snail mail or hap hazardous emails that can get caught in your clients filter or spam folder. eSignExpress is a simple e-solution that allows you to safely and securely sign your documents without downloading any additional software.
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How It Works

We quickly develop custom web applications that enable you and your customers to quickly and securely complete, sign and process your agreements by eliminating the hassle of paper. We deliver more closings, reduce risks, and create better customer experiences.
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