ContractPal's cloud-based platform enables you to streamline your configuration, deployment, and ongoing management of secure enterprise applications.


Workflow Automation

Eliminate your paper processes and automate your workflow through our e-compliant cloud-based platform.

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Cloud Solutions

Our custom cloud-based solutions can integrate with external systems and databases.

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Simple & Secure

ContractPal makes compliance requirements simple while ensuring a secure online operation for your business enterprise.

Take a look at a few cloud-based businesses that utilized our custom solutions.

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Electronic Contract Solutions

With the onslaught of litigations, government regulations, and competitive forces, how a company chooses to close their electronic contracts will determine if they are legal and binding. In order to guarantee that the contract execution solution you choose meets today’s tough demands, it’s necessary to consider the features and benefits that each solution offers.

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Easy Integration

Today’s solutions require integration into many types of systems. ContractPal’s platform integrates with both inbound and outbound services. Connections via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, and FTPS are available to integrate with backend systems and third-party systems. SSO functionality can be leveraged to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

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Legal Scales


Current case law establishes strong precedent for the validity of online contracts as long as organizations follow specific guidelines when implementing online management solutions. With these procedures in place, legal teams have precedence regarding enforceability, opening the door to a decrease in sales cycle length and an increase in revenue.

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PCI Compliance

ContractPal provides a platform and tools to build applications that can be PCI compliant. We can work with you to integrate your application with nearly any PCI compliant processor.

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Understanding the Cloud

Cloud computing is a very broad term and can refer to anything that is affiliated with moving diverse services over the world wide web. Typically these services are divided into three categories; SAAS (software as a service), IAAS (infrastructure as a service), and PAAS (platform as a service).

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Signature Authentication

Electronic signatures dramatically streamline paper-based processes. ContractPal leverages click signing, finger signing, and audio signing to meet the varied needs of businesses in a fast-paced environment.

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Managed Services

We provide the best of IaaS, SaaS and PaaS into a single delivery solution called CloudPiston Managed Services. CloudPiston is a PaaS solution that is deployed in the public cloud where feature functionality enhancements occur frequently. ContractPal manages the deployment of all these new features through CloudPiston.

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How it Works

ContractPal rapidly develops custom web applications that enable businesses and their customers to quickly and securely complete, sign and process agreements by eliminating the hassle of paper. We deliver more closings, reduce risks, and create better customer experiences.

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