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I.T. Resources

ContractPal keeps your users and data secure

User Authentication

From a user’s perspective, authentication means a process used to confirm a person’s identity. Two forms of identity authentication exist: personal information verification and credentials. Personal verification is mainly used when a person identifies him or herself for the first time online. The process is very similar to a paper process but, it happens much faster.
Electronic credentials are used when a person has already been identified and needs to access a system that is secure and private. The value in user authentication is realized when that individual desires to use some online services including e-signing documents.
Three requirements are necessary for an electronic signature to be authenticated:
  • e-signatures must be unique to individuals
  • e-signatures must be linked to signers
  • e-signatures must be under the sole control of the signers
Server Infrastructure and Data Protection

ContractPal uses a redundant array of server architecture at each seven levels:

Level 1) Firewall/Gateway: ContractPal’s redundant firewalls also provide load balancing to ContractPal workers.

Level 2) Gatekeeper: ContractPal gatekeepers manage ContractPal workers and daemons, providing them with appropriate security clearances, monitoring their activity and providing tools to manage them.

Level 3) Worker: ContractPal workers manage access to the ContractPal service, manage deployed web applications or Pals, and run transactions based upon deployed Pals. ContractPal workers are load balanced based upon sophisticated algorithms operating on and between load balancers and workers. Currently, ContractPal has sufficient workers to handle several million transactions, with the capacity to add additional workers on the fly to stay up with building demand.

Level 4) Daemon: ContractPal daemons provide services to ContractPal workers. ContractPal daemons provide email service, respond to system workflow and web service requests, and manage them according to the queuing or real time demands of ContractPal workers.

Level 5) Database: ContractPal database servers participate in a cluster of database servers.

Level 6) Network Storage: ContractPal’s storage is provided using RAID at an Ethernet level that is both redundant and infinitely scalable.

Level 7) Backup: Full and incremental backups are kept on site at the data center in protected storage devices and are also maintained by U.S. Data Trust in a secure repository.

Our server infrastructure is co-located using Fibernet, a reputable hosting company, for all production machines and applications. Fibernet designed its current data center with guaranteed up-time in mind. Fibernet's network is powered by a multihomed, 100% Cisco N+1, fault-tolerant network connecting to multiple Tier-1 carriers. Bandwidth service providers include: Verizon, AT&T, Integra and Level 4 to provide the highest level of performance and reliability. Fibernet uses BGP4 and redundant routers to make on-the-fly routing decisions, constantly analyzing the many possible paths customer traffic can take for greatest performance and uptime.

ContractPal employs various levels of data protection. ContractPal exclusively uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) v.3.0 network protocol for managing the security of message transmissions on the Internet. SSL certificates are religiously maintained through reputable, trusted certificate authorities. Sensitive applications and applets are signed with industry standard code signing certificates. ContractPal employs 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) keys to encrypt all sensitive data. Sensitive data includes such items as connection credentials, passwords, and all transaction data, including documents. All electronic signatures are uniquely identified and visibly as well as electronically attached to the document at the location you specify. In HTML documents, the electronic signatures also meet Digital Signature standards and can be verified externally.

ContractPal's flexibility is scalable and will integrate with your current IT systems

As mentioned previously, ContractPal employs a redundant architecture. This architecture was designed not only with reliability in mind but scalability as well. As additional capacity is needed, new servers are dynamically added to the ContractPal service at all levels. In addition, ContractPal has employed a proven caching mechanism. Thus, ContractPal has been designed and tested to scale out and scale up.

ContractPal can be easily integrated into your front end, and back end office systems. The ContractPal platform has been built to accept your data and utilize it to pre-populate your solution. In addition, information added to your application during any session is captured and available to send back to your back end office applications. Exciting outcomes from these integrations include:
  • eliminating double entry
  • reducing data entry errors and inconsistencies
  • streamlining business processes and workflows