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Voice Signatures

oice signing over the phone saves time and money
Telesales is the fastest way to make the sale. Faxing, emailing or mailing the contract is the fastest way to lose the sale.

ContractPal lets you get the deal signed right on the phone, this eliminates lost deals and sales, and time spent chasing signatures. ContractPal records the customer's verbal authorization and embeds the audio right in the document, providing an ESIGN compliant voice signature. Voice Signing exceeds 20% to 50% better close rates for a fraction of the cost and time.

ContractPal recommends third-party audio mixers, such as the Plantronics MX-10 and the VEC Electronics Corp LRX-35, to mix audio channels with standard phones (hard phones) with ContractPal's recording applet. ContractPal recommends software, such as Virtual Audio Streaming (, to mix audio channels with software based phones (softphones) with ContractPal's recording applet.